Phil's Jazz Bands
              Windy City Banjo Band  1962-1964     
 When I arrived in Chicago in 1962, I was lucky to find a dixieland band, The
Steamboat Stompers.  It was led by Jack "the Bear" Brown and consisted of
several guys about my age.  Banjo bands were popular at that time and the
Stompers cashed in on the banjo craze by adding two tenor banjo players and
changing the name to the Windy City Banjo Band.
  We played a lot of gigs in bars and restaurants in the Near North Side just a
bit North of the loop.  Some of places we played were: Bourbon Street, the
Velvet Swing, and the Scotch Mist. Our best gig was at a South Side restaurant
called the Red Arrow.  For a year we played every Friday and Saturday night
alternating sets with a mature Black band called  Franz Jackson's Original Jass
All Stars.
(See "About Phil" for an interesting story about how us young  white kids were
treated so kindly and helped so much by Franz Jackson and his  band mates who
had been playing traditional and New Orleans jazz since the 1920's.)
   Franz financed an LP for our band. It was recorded in the Columbia Studios in
Chicago.  LP Cover and back reproduced below.  Available on EBay!