Phil's Jazz Bands
     As an undergrad at the University of Illinois, I was singing folk songs
and playing a tenor banjo (not a 5 string banjo).  Mike Denny heard me
playing and recruited me to join a Dixie band he was forming. (BTW, I
learned that Mike was named after several uncles and his full name was:
Dennis Michael Peter Joseph Patrick Henry Junior Denny!).
    From 1957 to 1960, we played at a lot of fraternity and sorority
houses and had a regular gig at the Capitol Restaurant Saturday
     In 1960-1961, I played with a Dixie band called the Dixieland Saints in
Danville, IL.  It was led by Jim "Whip" Williams who was a tuba player
with the Salty Dogs and other bands.  We had a short run playing a 30
minute show Friday nights at a local TV station.
     To my knowledge, there are no existing recordings of these bands.
My First Bands 1957 to 1961