Minstrels of Earlville
Style:  Urbanely bucolic fun and frolic – the Minstrels capture
the spirit of good times with novelty songs, a few rags, some
audience participation, and lots of fun.  Bawdy ballads, blue
blues, and ribald repartee.

Musicians:  Phil Cartwright, banjo, vocals; Bill Parthe, piano,
vocals, smart remarks; Smilin’ Kyle Snyder, tuba, even more
smart remarks.

The Minstrels have two CDs available:
2 MOE, Going Bananas
3 MOE, Songs Your Mother Never Taught you
(1 MOE, Live! is out of print.)
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Song List
The CDs are available in the US and Canada for US$10.00 postpaid.
Contact:  pcartwri@kent.edu
Listen to sample mp3 audio clips
of the Minstrels
Going Bananas:
Bananas Medley
The Devil With The Devil
Oh, By Jingo
Fire! Fire!
Listen to sample mp3 audio clips of
Songs Your Mother Never
Taught You
Nobody Knows What A Red
Headed Momma Can Do
Hooker's Ball
Roll The Patrol
Minstrels of Earlville