Hot Jazz Seven

The HJ7 was founded in 1995 as a cooperative band drawing upon many fine musicians in
the Greater Cleveland area.  The band plays numerous annual municipal summer events,
private parties, weddings, restaurants, and taverns.  Other appearances include
Nightown Restaurant, the Bill Gordon Show, Ohio Historical Society, Swingin' Jazz Fest
at Blossom Music Center, and Charleston's Wine and All That Jazz Festival.

The band performs with 8 players: Two cornets, clarinet, trombone, tuba, banjo, piano,
and drums.  The musicians include:  Brent Gardner, Vince Monaco, Al Couch, Jack
Brndiar, cnts;  Marc Berridge, Paul Martin, tbn; Geoff Polk, Ted Witt, Scot Apana, clnt;
Jonathan Fairman,Tuba; Bill Parthe, Bob Erdman, Piano; Bill Fuller, Drums;  Phil
Cartwright, Bill Knapp, Banjo.

The Hot Jazz 7 plays the 3rd Sunday afternoon every month at the
Barking Spider.
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1. Mojo Strut             Hear a clip.
2. Minstrels of Annie Street
3. Dippermouth Blues      
4.  Hot Tamale Man                        
5. Arab Strut
6. King of the Zulus         
7. Copenhagen
8. King Chanticleer                        
9. Tiger Moan          
Hear a clip.
10.  Purple Rose of Cairo
11.  Struttin' with some Barbecue
12.  Sunset Cafe Stomp
13.  Sweet Lotus Blossom
14.  Muskrat Ramble
15.  Where Did You Stay Last Night
16.  Willie the Weeper
17.  Washboard Wiggles         
Hear a clip.
Hot Jazz 7
Hot Jazz 7
Song List
Their CD, Live at the Rusty Nail, was recorded on January 26,2004,
during a live concert at the
Rusty Nail restaurant in Kent, OH.  
You can purchase the CD in the US or Canada for US$10.00 postpaid.